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Jesus in Little Africa

A look at the rise of Congolese Pentecostal churches in Guangzhou.

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Missions from China Today

A Reader Responds to the 2020 Summer Issue of CSQ

I encourage you to read every word of “Doing Missions with Chinese Characteristics,” pray, and ponder both what God wants to teach you, as well as how you might apply it to your service to the world.

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Missions with Chinese Characteristics

Given governmental laws and China’s situation over past years, the church in China has been creative in how it carries out mission. The author looks at these aspects and how they have influenced mission work both inside and outside China’s borders.

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Chinese Missions along the Belt and Road

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, first conceived in 2013, will encompass 65% of the world population. Bryant provides background about this initiative and what it will involve, then looks at its significance for missions from China.

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Sino-African Relations and International Contexts

The authors provide a brief history of Sino-African relations and international contexts to give readers a deeper understanding of the evolution of China’s engagement with Africa and modern Sino-African relations.

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“China and Africa”—a Preview

A look at the upcoming autumn issue of ChinaSource Quarterly—"China and Africa."

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Belt and Road Initiative

A Reading Round-up

Following the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing last week, here are resources to provide background and context. 

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Following the Belt and Road

Mention China’s emerging missions movement, and the topic of China’s Belt and Road Initiative will almost surely follow.