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Recording: Chinese Christian Posters in Early 20th Century China

I want to thank Daryl Ireland for delivering such an interesting and enlightening lecture. We were deeply blessed, and we hope that those who view this recording will be as well.

Chinese Church Voices

More on Thriving in Lockdown

A Chinese Christian playwright suggests ways that music and literature can benefit those coping with extended lockdowns in China.

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The Search for Home: Resonances between Heaven and Earth

A Reflective Review of Xiaoli Yang’s A Dialogue Between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke

In her book, Yang engages the complexities of Haizi’s personal journey and poetic influences side by side with the life and teachings of Jesus in four parts under the themes of “roots,” “vision,” “journey,” and “arrival.”

Chinese Church Voices


An artist tells how God and the gospel intervened to show him where his true value lies.