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When a Canadian Swimmer Lit Up Chinese Social Media

Margaret MacNeil's win in the women's 100-meter butterfly this week drew attention not just because of what she accomplished but because of who she is.

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In the HIV Medical System

Having finally gotten into the medical system and now on their way toward treatment, Beth and her family journeyed further into the shame, ignorance, and difficulties hiding those living with HIV in China.

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Living with HIV in China

Our journey toward treatment and care for our daughter took us under China’s HIV veil.

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Finding the One

As we looked at the waitlist and scrolled among the most minuscule of probabilities, we found our precious hidden gem.

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Deciding to Adopt a Child with Special Needs

In that providential moment God spoke to me and my husband; we knew we had our answer. He was calling us to adopt a child with HIV.

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Uncovering a Hidden Need in China

One Expat Family’s Adoption Story

Like many others who have heard about Chinese adoption, we thought the orphanages would be teeming with unwanted baby girls.

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Outsourced Children

A Book Review

A must-read for anyone involved with orphaned or abandoned children and the programs that care for them in China. 

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Adoption Stories

There were a couple of adoption stories out of China in the past few weeks that caught my eye. The first was an article in Christianity Today about the drop in global adoptions, as reported by the US State Department in their Annual Report on Intercountry Adoptions.

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Not Enough Hands

My love for China started in 1973 when I was adopted by Chinese immigrants in America. My heart for adoption sent me to China in 2007 to welcome my adopted Chinese daughter into my family. These two elements of who I am brought me and my family to live, breathe, and become a part of China’s heartbeat in Tianjin five years ago.

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At Home in This World

A China Adoption Story

At Home in This World . . . a China Adoption Story by Jean Macleod. 

Reviewed by Mark Wickersham