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From Andrew Gih to Hudson

Documenting a Legacy of Adoption and Faith

It was a wonderful testimony of God’s blessing to discover that Hudson’s documentary is helping to fulfill the legacy of Andrew Gih. After watching the documentary, you might want to get an update on Hudson.

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How Should We Care for Orphans in China?

Adoption—a foundational metaphor of the Christian faith and a challenging topic in the world, especially when intertwined with China’s one-child policy era, international complications, and issues of identity for adoptees. In this collection from the archives, we’ve pulled together reflections, book reviews, and analysis to open up our perspective on adoption from China.

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A Journey of Captivation and Identity

Andy and Sandy's life-altering journey began with adopting a baby girl from China. Unbeknownst to them, this moment would shape their family's identity, guiding them on a path of cultural exploration. Over time, they welcomed more children into their family, each with a unique bond to Chinese culture. Through deliberate efforts, they cultivated a profound Chinese American identity. Today, as their children have matured, they reflect on how memories, experiences, relationships, and values have molded their identity.

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Summer Watch List

A Film Review Roundup

Six brilliant Chinese films for you to stream inside where it’s cool on hot summer days.

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A Film Review

Found…is clear about its purpose—to tell the stories of three girls who are looking for the puzzle pieces of their identity.

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When a Canadian Swimmer Lit Up Chinese Social Media

Margaret MacNeil's win in the women's 100-meter butterfly this week drew attention not just because of what she accomplished but because of who she is.

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In the HIV Medical System

Having finally gotten into the medical system and now on their way toward treatment, Beth and her family journeyed further into the shame, ignorance, and difficulties hiding those living with HIV in China.

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Living with HIV in China

Our journey toward treatment and care for our daughter took us under China’s HIV veil.

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Finding the One

As we looked at the waitlist and scrolled among the most minuscule of probabilities, we found our precious hidden gem.

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Deciding to Adopt a Child with Special Needs

In that providential moment God spoke to me and my husband; we knew we had our answer. He was calling us to adopt a child with HIV.