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Summer Watch List

A Film Review Roundup

Six brilliant Chinese films for you to stream inside where it’s cool on hot summer days.

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Being Prolife in China

How can the church make a difference when the state controls family life?

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The Midwives of Egypt

I had never mentioned the account of the midwives in Egypt, nor did I have plans to do so. As the day unfolded, the woman’s story spread and the call was repeated, “Let us be like the midwives of Egypt.”

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Prolife Work—an Entry Point for the Gospel

When people of faith are directly involved with people experiencing a crisis of faith, gospel ministry happens.

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Children’s Day and Other Sparks of a Prolife Movement in China

In 2013, I first learned of a campaign linking China’s June 1st national holiday— “Children’s Day,” to a call to treasure human life in the womb and to reject abortion.

Chinese Church Voices

Ministering to Those Considering Abortion

If you are a Christian and are wondering where you might serve God; or if you are a servant of the church wondering what new service your church should invest in—then, this area of service should definitely be on your list.

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One Child Nation

A Film Review

A gut-wrenching film that needs to be viewed.

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Frog—a Book Review

Read Frog with care, pray for those seeking Truth in a troubled, chaotic culture, and celebrate Mo Yan’s genius.

Chinese Church Voices

From Death to Life

Follow Up to "The Journey of My Second Pregnancy"

A Christian's story just before the Two-Child Policy goes into effect.

Chinese Church Voices

An Anti-Abortion PSA and a Call for the Church to Repent

The following article from the mainland site Gospel Times tells of an anti-abortion public service announcement that was posted online as well as played on Bus-TV in Chengdu, urging people to avoid having abortions on International Children's Day (June 1), and of other anti-abortion activities in Changchun, Jilin.