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Chinese Church Voices

A Gospel Choir in China, Part 2

Last week we posted the first part of an article from Territory about the Baoti Cornerstone Choir. The first part of the article interviewed the choir’s director, Huang Bo about his conversion to Christianity and subsequent call to start a gospel choir in Xiamen. This week in part two we see how Huang has led members of the team to grow both in their performance skills and in their faith.

Chinese Church Voices

A Gospel Choir in China, Part 1

An interview with Huang Bo and members of the Baoti Cornerstone Choir.

Chinese Church Voices

A Praise Song

"Listen Quietly"

One of the more popular praise and worship songs in the Chinese church is “Qing Qing Ting,” or “Listen Quietly.” Based on Psalm 23, the song reminds us to listen quietly to the voice of our Good Shepherd.

Chinese Church Voices

The Precious Cross

If you find yourself worshiping at a church in China, chances are you may sing this song, titled “The Precious Cross."

Chinese Church Voices

A Chinese Worship Song

"Lord, Give Me a Vision"

In March of 2014, over a thousand Christians from all over China attended the Grace to the City Convention held at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Hong Kong. For two and a half days they listened to teaching by Tim Keller, as well as from urban house church leaders from various cities around China.