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The Unexpected Journey of a University Student

Alone, wretched, and bewildered, I was unaware that God was softening my hard heart in this time of darkness, and he was quietly opening a door to eternal happiness.

Chinese Church Voices

The Testimony of a Seeker

During my sophomore year of college, I once again encountered the gospel.

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The Journeys of Five Migrant Women

Five migrant women who moved to Beijing from 1989 to 2010 at different ages describe their experiences. Each one discusses her values, challenges, hardships, and successes following the move into the city, as well as her faith and plans for the future.

Chinese Church Voices

I Was Cornered but God Heard My Prayer

I silently whispered in my heart, “God, if you really exist, and if you really are omnipotent, please tell me what my next step should be. Please guide me."

Chinese Church Voices

A Love Story from China

Everyone loves a love story. In this video from 7G-TV, we meet two young Christians who struggled with the meaning of real love and whether a loving marriage is possible.

Chinese Church Voices

A Mother Grows in Faith

The story of the heartbreaking challenges that a mother faced after she left her job as a department director to care for her family full time and how God has worked to bring about spiritual growth, comforting and supporting the entire family.

Chinese Church Voices

An Engineering Student at Tsinghua University Comes to Faith

The first in a new series featuring testimonies from alumni of Tsinghua University and Peking University.

Blog Entries

My Life in Christ

There was a wooden cross on the wall of my room. When I looked up to see it, I knew I was a sinner who needed the salvation of Jesus Christ. He died for sinners just like me.

Chinese Church Voices

Giving Thanks in a Difficult Season

We thank him, not because of the blessings we receive from him, but because of who he is at all times.

Chinese Church Voices

A Repentance Story

Testimony of a Post-90s Preacher

Young adults in China struggle with many of the same issues their counterparts in other parts of the world face. Here a young man tells of his desire to live his own life and find a well-paid, respected career. Seven years of wandering prepared his heart to respond to the gospel.