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Prepping for the Olympics

To help our readers in their Olympic-watching prep, here is a story from Chinese Church Voices about a legendary Olympian—Li Yan, a short-track speed skating athlete and coach, who happens to be from China and happens to be a Christian.

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Poetry in Blood

A Book Review

Lian Xi recounts the story of a Chinese, Christian, political dissident during the Mao era. Imprisoned, tortured, and then executed in 1968 at the height of the Cultural Revolution, Lin Zhao wrote from prison using her own blood. The author draws on these writings as well as a wide range of interviews to tell her story.

Chinese Church Voices

Bread of Life Bakery

Four young Christian women with physical disabilities share how they run the Bread of Life Bakery.

Chinese Church Voices

Rebirth in the Barracks

With no status, no money, no power, and compromised health, he longed for death. In that moment, God intervened to give new life.

Chinese Church Voices


An artist tells how God and the gospel intervened to show him where his true value lies.

Chinese Church Voices

Saved By a Dream

A woman and her family were saved by the Lord following a sudden illness and a dream.

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Reflections on Returning “Home”

As I reflect on the past year and a half, I thank the Lord for his kindness, faithfulness, and wisdom. It makes me worship him more fully. I need him. We need him. He gives us eternal hope.

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The Testimony of an 80后

During the baptism class, I felt the Spirit of God convicting me that I needed to become a true follower of Jesus. After that, I was baptized.

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Lockdown Life

Choosing to face hardship—for remaining in China seemed foolish to almost everyone back in February—has brought us tremendous blessing, as each of us has experienced in the most concrete ways imaginable the solid trustworthiness of God’s promise: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Chinese Church Voices

Faith through 9778 Days of Imprisonment

Tortured by dogs and forced into confessing a crime he didn’t commit, Zhang Yuhuan spent more than 26 years in prison. He wrote more than 600 appeal letters and was finally released. What sustained him during that time?