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ChinaSource Conversations

Spiritual Formation

Walking with Leaders | Episode 4

In the fourth and final podcast in the “Walking with Leaders” series, we want to focus on the topic of spiritual formation—the big picture and landscape of ones journey to becoming more like Jesus.  If coaching is about drawing out and mentoring is about pouring in, spiritual formation is the big picture of our relationship with God.

ChinaSource Conversations

Mentoring in the Chinese Context, Part 2

Walking with Leaders | Episode 3

In part two of our podcast “Mentoring in the Chinese Context,” we’ve brought back the same group of speakers to continue the conversation. In this episode they discuss what it means to be effective in ministry in the context of a changing China. They also explore the cultural complexities that should be noted when mentoring in China. 

ChinaSource Conversations

Mentoring in the Chinese Context

Walking with Leaders | Episode 2

In the past several years there has been a perceptible shift in the approach of many organizations working with the church in China. The shift is from training large numbers of leaders in a relatively short period of time to mentoring a few leaders over a longer period of time.

In this podcast, we hear from three seasoned speakers in this area as they discuss what mentoring looks like in China ministries, and the implications of mentoring in a Chinese context.

ChinaSource Conversations

Coaching in China: Navigating Culture

Walking with Leaders | Episode 1

Three coaches with extensive China experience share the strengths of coaching in China and the cultural adaptations needed for effectiveness.