Ethnic Minorities

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (4)

Forced Integration (AD 1368–1644)

Why do Hui and other predominantly Muslim minzu (民族, people groups) practice endogamy? If it is to prevent religious syncretism, it doesn’t appear to have worked.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (3)

Mass Migration under the Khan (AD1271–1367)

We may be surprised to learn how much the Hui’s geographical spread, their expressions of Islam, and their awkward relations with the Han all stem from the Mongol-ruled Yuan Dynasty era policies.

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Encountering the Legacy of James O. Fraser in Unexpected Places

A legacy that went from Yunnan to Sichuan and beyond the borders of China.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (2)

Hui Origins (AD 651–1270)

All of Hui history, beginning with the arrival of Muslim traders, has implications for gospel ministry among them; each stage has shaped the Hui people’s foundational worldview.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom

The Hui, an Introduction

Who are the Hui Muslims of China? Where did they come from, what are they like, and how are they being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Ministry Among Minority Students

This article addresses the joys, challenges, and frustrations of reaching students from ethnic minority groups in China.


Tibetans in the Gyairong Region


This research report focuses on a Tibetan people group in the Gyairong region of Sichuan. The report covers the background of the people group and an account of one church’s involvement with them. It also includes a history of work among these people and lessons learned that can be helpful in bringing the gospel to them today.

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The “Model Minority” Myth in the Chinese American Church

Today's Challenges

In the United States, Asian Americans, including Chinese Americans, have been presented as sterling examples of immigrants who have ascended through the ranks to achieve the American dream. Lee explores this concept, how Chinese Americans see themselves, and the impact of this perception upon their faith and church life.

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God’s Work among the Lisu

Over 100 years ago, God began a work along the steep inclines above the Nujiang River in Yunnan that greatly impacted the Lisu people and many others along with and through them.

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Serving in a Minority Area

Finding ways to get to know people on a deeper level.