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The Path of Christian Literature in China

Literature and art are indispensable parts of Christian culture. As Chinese Christians grapple with the issue of Sinicization, this article discusses what it means to have Christian elements in literature and art and the implications for society and evangelism. 

Chinese Church Voices

Showing the Truths of the Gospel, Graphically

Chinese artist Beibei Nie has brought to life the lies that many in Chinese society hear about themselves, about life, and about the Christian faith

Chinese Church Voices

What to Take Home for the New Year

As Chinese Christians flock home for the New Year, Pastor Cheng Fengsheng encourages them to bring the most important gift of all.

Chinese Church Voices

Pastoral Advice During Chinese Valentine’s Day

On August 28, Chinese celebrated “Qixi,” also known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day." The holiday is based on a mythological Chinese folk story about a goddess who falls in love with a cowherder. Legend has it that prayers offered to the goddess on this day will bring blessings and wisdom.

The holiday has grown in popularity in recent years, sparking more discussion online about if and how Christians should celebrate the holiday. In this article, Chen Fengsheng, a Three-Self pastor in Wenzhou, provides Christians with pastoral advice regarding Qixi.

Chinese Church Voices

The Importance of the Gospel during Chinese New Year

This week sees the arrival of Chinese New Year, the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. Most of China will shut down for the week as people return to their ancestral homes to celebrate with family. For Chinese Christians, the holiday can often bring them mixed emotions: happiness and distress. Christians are excited to celebrate with family and friends. But, they also experience instances when their Christian faith rubs up against cultural expectations. In a society where Christianity often runs counter-cultural, Chinese New Year is a particularly concentrated moment of trials. In this translated article from Christian Times, the author reminds Christians of what is most important when they return home for the New Year.

Chinese Church Voices

Is the Year of the Sheep Really Unlucky?

February 15, 2015 marked the first day of a new year in the Chinese calendar. According to the Chinese zodiac, which assigns an animal to each year in a 12-year cycle, currently we are in the Year of the Sheep.

One of the superstitious beliefs about the Year of the Sheep is that it is an unlucky year, which means among other things, that it is best not to give birth to a child during this year. In this article from the online journal Territory, the writer delves into the history of this belief and how it is harmful to society. He also contrasts it with what the Bible says about the source of blessings in life, notions of child-rearing, and the nature of sheep.

Chinese Church Voices

What to Say During Spring Festival

In this article, published in January 2012 on the Mainland website Gospel Times, the author considers ways that believers can share with their family members during the traditional Chinese New Year Festival.