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An occasional series of curated bilingual poems with moving images, music, and readings on themes of identity, missio Dei, and sacred space.

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The poem “Yearning” speaks of the deep groaning out of a longing to be in communion with the creation in wonder and awe. It is an invitation to embrace the beauty and sacredness of the creation with the very life God has given us.

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Let Go

Let Go is to ultimately “let God;” becoming vulnerable and humble… By naming or giving shape to things that we need to let go of—pain, disappointment, offense, trauma, broken dreams, or unhealthy relationships, we are able to make decisions to detach ourselves from them, creating space for healing, forgiveness, growth, and freedom.

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In the midst of endless pain and suffering in a world filled with conflict and destruction, we can easily feel disoriented and distressed, losing sight of people and hope for the future…. It is a good reminder that [Christ]… became “nobody” for our sake in order to demonstrate that everyone is “somebody” in the eyes of God.

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Who Am I

The quest for identity resonated universally. From existential ponderings to spiritual revelations, it echoes through time, inviting souls to rediscover their essence in harmonious communion with the divine, others and the creation.

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A Sacred Space

What is your inner geography and how is the Spirit of God moving in your life? Spiritual companionship may provide a way forward for transformation from the inside out, leading to a lifegiving path upon which all of us are invited to walk.

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We are awakened and attuned with the universe that resonates with the sound, fragrance, and power of God’s creativity. Then our hearts may be in sync with the heartbeat of God, and we are able to receive the outpouring of divine love and creativity through creation.

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A Love Banquet Waiting for You

Following the rhythm and images in [Haizi’s] poem, my poem introduces complementary and contrasting ideas as well as tones and metaphors from a Christian perspective. The repeated lines of “Today” in contrast to Haizi’s “From tomorrow on” signify that salvation is available today (Luke 4:21).

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Poetry as Doxology

"Where Are You Going"

Poetry is not only a form of cultural exegesis, but also a mode of common theology enriching conversations and reflections. When poetry is spiritually impregnated, it becomes a form of doxology, which I regard as the ground of all theology and missiology.