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So, Are You Ready? Again?

We’ve heard from those who had to leave China and have continued their journeys. Is there anything we can take with us for the journeys we are on?

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Returning Home-side

The Path Unintended

Today I can whole-heartedly say that whatever seeds, words, or love I gave in China are not wasted.

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In a New Home in Asia

Hearing from those who are in new places and new ministries in Asia.

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Dangers, Pitfalls, Connection, and Hope During Transition

This is not where you want to be. This is not where you thought you’d be. This was not your plan.

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Grief—What about the Kids?

What impact does it have on a child who suddenly needs to leave the country that has been home?

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Sometimes It’s the Little Things

The Importance of Grieving Well

These triggers—things that pop up suddenly and unexpectedly in the midst of life today but that take you back to then and there—are perfect examples of how grief triggers work.

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Are You Ready for Transition? Again?

“Did you ever consider staying home? Getting settled and looking for a job?” This was the burning question I just had to ask.

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Are You Ready? Again?

Before you are ready again you need to be fairly whole and healed from your past experience, otherwise it will be a dark cloud hanging over you, a feeling of something breathing down your neck, or a part of your unhealed heart which will slowly eat you from the inside.