Blog Entries in 3 Questions

In this series we pose three questions to people about a topic of interest or about work they are involved in, providing a quick glimpse of something you should know about.

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3 Questions: Songs from the Heart

An interview with theologian and composer Scott Callaham.

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3 Questions: Chinese through Scripture

Last month I had the opportunity to meet Shuguang Wang, the author of a new textbook called Chinese through Scripture. I looked at the book and my first thought was, “I sure could have used this in 1990!”

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Opportunities and Challenges During Chinese New Year

How should Chinese Christians celebrate Chinese New Year? What’s the best way to live out the gospel during the celebrations? A pastor from mainland China reflects on these questions.

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An Interview with Mike Frith, Founder and Director of OSCAR

ChinaSource is excited to partner with OSCAR, which stands for One Stop Center for Advice and Resources. The UK-based website offers both in-person and online courses, including the British Culture Orientation course. Find out about this course and more aspects of OSCAR’s work in this “3 Questions” video interview with Mike Frith.

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An Interview with Sean Cheng, Asia Editor of Christianity Today

ChinaSource is thrilled to partner with Christianity Today (CT) to help inform global Christians about the church in China and tell the stories of God’s faithfulness to his people. Learn more in this “3 Questions” video interview with CT’s Asia editor.

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A Conversation from Down Under

3 Questions Video Interview with Peter Anderson

Learn more about the Chinese diaspora in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands with Peter Anderson, editor of the spring 2022 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly and our own Joann Pittman.

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3 Questions: The Transitions Workbook

[W]e give ourselves (and others) many gifts when we intentionally attend to our inner processes and emotions in the presence of the Lord.

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3 Questions: Using WeChat for Gospel Outreach

A Chinese sister tells how she uses WeChat to share the gospel with her family and friends.

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3 Questions: Far East Deep South

An Interview with Director Larissa Lam

"Chinese people in Mississippi? What happened there?"

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3 Questions: Indigenous Missions Movement

What are some of the significant breakthroughs in the development of the Indigenous Missions Movement from China.