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China through the Years

From the series Looking Back

For the past few months, we have been collecting photos that show how China has changed over the last 30 years.

Our collection place for these photos is a Flickr group called “China Through the Years.”

Some of the photos that have been posted to the group were taken by ChinaSource staff; others were submitted by our readers.

The group currently has more than 200 photos submitted. We have compiled a dozen or so into a brief slideshow:

You can see all of the submitted photos here:

You are still welcome to join the group and submit photos. Instructions for doing so can be found here.

Enjoy your stroll down memory lane!

Image credit: Joann Pittman, via Flickr
Joann Pittman

Joann Pittman

Joann Pittman is Senior Vice President of ChinaSource. She is the editor of ZGBriefs and Chinese Church Voices, as well as a regular contributor to ChinaSource publications. Prior to joining ChinaSource, Joann spent 28 years working in China, as an English teacher, language student, program director, and most recently,... View Full Bio

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