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A Tool for Those Who Care for Chinese Missionaries

Serving Together: Caring for Chinese Missionaries by Linghuei Wang, DMin; Ruth C. Chang, PsyD; Yih Jia Chang, PhD; and others. Cosmic Light, 2022, 392 pages. Available in Chinese and English.

This handbook introduces a holistic approach to caring for Chinese missionaries that starts from recruitment and continues all the way to retirement (or final re-entry). It contextualizes lessons learned from seasoned member care providers who have served missionaries from many different nationalities to the unique experiences of Chinese missionaries; addresses issues that are specifically and especially relevant to missionaries sent from China; and creates specific suggestions and guidelines for churches, mission organizations, and missionaries on how to work together to provide the best ways to help missionaries survive, thrive, and fulfill God’s calling in their lives.

A core emphasis of the handbook is to enable missionaries to see the importance of living out the great commandment in their daily lives while fulfilling the great commission— remembering to nurture their love relationship with Jesus and others (including family members), and from that foundation, to influence others for Jesus and serve him effectively.

Available in Chinese at Ambassadors for Christ Resources: 陪你同行,與你同工華人宣教士關懷指南.

The English version is available from Narramore Christian Foundation.   

What People Are Saying about Serving Together

What a joy it is to hold the first edition of this groundbreaking book about Chinese member care in my hands! Written by well-selected Chinese practitioners who deeply understand the culture, content, and context of member care, and its application to Chinese cross-cultural workers, this handbook is an example of contextualization I hope many other national missions movements will follow. It’s a real treasure from which all of us who work in cross-cultural ministry can learn.

Harry Hoffmann
Coordinator, Global Member Care Network (GMCN)

I welcome this long-awaited missionary member care manual for Chinese churches. This manual addresses many critical issues and practical needs missionaries face every day on the field and when they return home. As a missionary who has been on the field for more than twenty years, and who has recently served as a team leader of a Chinese team with members from different parts of the world, I have seen and can identify with many topics presented in this manual. This comprehensive manual is a valuable tool for every missions agency and sending church to better support and care for their missionaries of Chinese descent.

Missionary Serving in a Creative Access Region

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on September 15, 2022 to reflect the current availability of the English version of Serving Together.

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