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Filling the Need to Care for Workers

Training Member Care Providers for Chinese Missionaries

We believe that member care is an integral part of missions sending and we want to see Chinese senders better equipped in this area… The sent and the senders will fulfill the Great Commission together.

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Just Listen

“If the… global body of Christ can be there and say, ‘We are together here with you. I have my struggles, and you have your struggles, but we are together, praying to God together and seeking his guidance and help together,’…that can be very comforting and can be an encouragement.”

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The Need for Innovation and Digital Transformation

By redeeming technology, Christians can redefine their engagement in the Great Commission and empower the discipleship of the next generation to carry global missions forward.

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Why the Mother Tongue Matters

The Root of Connection and Cultural Vitality

Language is culture. Our mother tongue keeps our cultural heritage alive. The mother tongue helps us stay connected to our traditional, cultural values and our roots.

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Arise Asia: Inspiring the Next Generation

Please join us in praying for this burgeoning missions movement from Asia and for the many conference participants who made commitments to give their lives for the kingdom.


Calling, Vocation, and Spiritual Formation for Chinese Mission

This paper is a brief discussion of calling, vocation, and spiritual formation as it relates to Chinese Christians in mission service and the churches that send them.

Originally written as an assignment in the author’s doctoral program, the paper is based on interviews with Chinese Christians about their journey of spiritual formation, their life callings, and vocational stewardship. Other relevant research is also included.

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An Interview with a Missions Leader in China (3)

International mission agencies can offer guidance. We need guides. I don’t mean a simplistic, short-term orientation course. But neither do we need a boss who only gives commands and does not truly walk with us. I mean each missionary needs a genuine guide.

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Missiological Reflections on Money

Questions of money—supporting Chinese Christian workers, paying local assistants, giving gifts to “needy” Chinese—return like revolving doors as often as new expat Christians arrive in China.

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5 Theological Truths and Church-State Relations (2)

Lessons from China

How will we react to attempts to divide us along socio-economic, racial, ideological, or nationalistic lines? Will we quietly acquiesce and accept a church that is not really whole?

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5 Theological Truths and Church-State Relations (1)

Lessons from China

The statement declares, “Christian churches in China are eager and determined to walk the path of the cross of Christ and are more than willing to imitate the older generation of saints who suffered and were martyred for their faith.”