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Chinese Church Voices

Training and Discipleship Methods in Chinese Churches

A pioneering pastor in Beijing talks to a reporter from the Christian Times about the importance of church membership as a means of ensuring that believers receive proper spiritual nurture. The goal of church growth is not simply more people attending the church, but more disciples. He also addresses the phenomenon of lateral movement, or believers moving from one church to another, often due to dissatisfaction with their former church. His own approach of letting go and encouraging one of his congregations to become independent may seem surprising, particularly to those who believe a pastor should keep a tight reign on his flock.


December 27, 2012

For the Holidays, Hong Kong Decks Its Skyscrapers in Lights (December 24, 2012, The New York Times)

But this time of year, the spectacle ratchets up several notches. Out come vast, multicolored, complex designs that span many floors and make the Rockefeller Center in New York and Oxford Street in London pale by comparison. Frolicking reindeer, bobble-hatted snowmen, enormous Christmas trees adorn dozens of buildings, sometimes to startling effect.

Chinese Church Voices

Video: What is Christmas and Who is Jesus?

In 2008, members of the English fellowship of Haidian Christian Church in Beijing did a series of "man on the street" interviews, asking people what they knew about Christmas and Jesus. The video was then used in their Christmas program at the church. Christmas may be popular in China, but most people still don't have any idea what it is really all about.

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Blog Entries

Eastern Lightning and the End of the World

China's Eastern Lightning cult is back in the news again, thanks to the ancient Mayans. It seems that their calendar comes to an end on December 21, causing millions to believe that the day will mark the end of the world. The "doomsday" craze has hit China big-time and the Eastern Lightning cult (which, for some reason, media outlets have taken to calling the Almighty God cult) has used the opportunity to launch an "evangelistic" offensive in China, telling people that the only way to be saved from the coming apocalypse is to join the Eastern Lightning group.


December 20, 2012

China to Speed Up Hukou System Reform (December 18, 2012, China Digital Times)

The National Development and Reform Commission announced Tuesday that the government will speed up reform of Chinas household registration or hukou system, following up on pledges by incoming leaders to emphasize urbanization and improve opportunities for rural citizens.

Chinese Church Voices

What Will You Do if the World Doesn’t End?

The ancient Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, leading many around the world to believe that day will mark the end of the world. PRI's Mary Kay Magistad reports that, according to a Reuters survey, "China ranks highest when it comes to end-of-the-world fears. Some 20 percent of those surveyed expected something to happen on Dec. 21." This article, posted on the Tianya Forum site, asks the question "How will you spend the rest of your life if the world doesn't end in 2012?," then gives an answer from a Christian perspective.

Chinese Church Voices

Painting with Her Mouth to Glorify God

In this article in the Gospel Times, the testimony of Joni Eareckson Tada touches the hearts of readers in China. An artist who paints by holding a pen or brush in her mouth, Joni manifests the inner beauty that comes from knowing Christ.