Spring 2010

Peoples of China

Cultural Continuity and Discontinuity in Chinese Church Leadership

The shaping of Christian leaders in modern China.

View From the Wall

Higher Education in China Today

The Scene and the Backdrop

More Chinese young people are attending university than ever before. A look at the current situation in higher education and key contributing factors.

Supporting Article

Ethnic Relations in China with Special Reference to Its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The challenges of achieving the goal of integration for ethnic minorities in China and Hong Kong.

Book Reviews

The Church in Henan

Henan: The Galilee of China (Volume 2 of the "Fire & Blood" series) by Paul Hattaway

Reviewed by Tony Lambert

Lead Article

Convergence or Divergence?

Chinese Culture in a Globalized World

Japanese-American scholar Fukuyama introduced the notion of "the end of history," proporting that the world was now one and history should come to an end. Others have claimed that globalization has "leveled the playing field." And yet others view globalization quite differently. The real question is how we should view the changes in China's culture and its influence in light of the globalization of the economy during the last thirty years.

Supporting Article

Christianity’s Impact on Chinese Society

Is Christianity influencing China's culture?


Changing Culture

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "Chinese Culture: Continuity or Discontinuity?" (ChinaSource, 2010 Spring).