Blog Entries by Wayne Ten Harmsel

Wayne Ten Harmsel is a retired pastor in the Christian Reformed Church who lived for a dozen or so years in Beijing, working with Chinese churches and pastors.

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Matter & Spirit: A Chinese/American Art Exhibition

Contemporary Christian art on display in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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The Lianghui and Registered Churches

Friends or Foes?

The Lianghui is one of those things that falls into the category of “church with Chinese characteristics.”

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A Brief Look at Leadership Structure in Urban Registered Churches

Who leads China's registered churches and how do they become leaders?

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Developments in Registered Church Ministry

Some observations of the impact of the religious regulations and Siniciation on Three-Self churches.

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Touring Three-Self Churches

Some Final Thoughts

But for me, the striking thing was the homogeneity of the churches over time and place. The churches and their pastors simply went faithfully about their business, the business of sharing and teaching their faith, and leading the people in worship—doing what the church is called to do.

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The West Gate Church in Kaifeng

A chat with an evangelist in an ancient capital of China.

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A Church in Nanyang

Conversations with the gatekeeper and the pastor.

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The Church in Ankang

Meeting the pastors of the church in Ankang, and an impromptu opportunity to share. 

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A Church in Guiyang

Continuing a tour of Three-Self churches, this stop in Guiyang. 

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Anshun City Protestant Church

Brief visits with a priest and a pastor in Anshun, Guizhou.