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Timothy Conkling

Rev. Timothy Conkling, PhD, is a cross-cultural worker with China Ministries International. He has been a pastor and church-planter in Taiwan and a researcher of the church in China.

His book, Mobilized Merchants-Patriotic Martyrs: China’s House Church Christians and the Politics of Cooperative Resistance, chronicles the development of the church in China, explains the religious policy of the PRC in historical context, and explores the political response of house-church Christians to persecution. His second book, Stranger in Every Land: Reflections of a Transcultural Adult in a Shrinking World, blends biblical principles and humorous anecdotes together to explore the problems cross-cultural workers face when they leave their country of origin and seek to be identified with their new land and their new culture.

Currently Dr. Conkling is pastor of Cross Bridge—the English ministry of Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston. He can be reached by email at

Blog Entries

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Blog Entries

Religious Policy Development in the PRC since 1949–An Overview

In today's blog, Dr. Timothy Conkling discusses the influence of PRC religious policy on the church in China.