Stephen Sark

Stephen Sark

Stephen Sark received his bachelor's degree in cross-cultural studies from Liberty University and a master's degree in TEFL from Columbia International University.  He and his wife, Patty, spent 22 years serving in China with about half of their years spent in the northeastern city of Shenyang and the other half in less-developed areas in the southwestern part of the country.  They raised four children in China and appreciated the slower pace and flexibility of life in the Middle Kingdom. In 2015 Steve and Patty returned to the US where they currently work with international high school students.

Blog Entries

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We continue to hear of cross-cultural workers and their families leaving China—often returning to a "home" culture that no longer feels quite like home. How can parents help their children through this transition?

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An experienced, cross-cultural worker shares important factors that helped his children make a positive transition from Chinese to US culture.