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Phil Jones (pseudonym) and his wife have worked amongst international students including in China for over six years. Their passion is to see international students fall in love with Jesus Christ. Phil also serves as a Lausanne WIN (Worldwide ISM Network) Global Catalyst.

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The Birth of ISM in China

Is This God’s Timing?

The nations are coming to China and what an opportunity to reach them with the gospel while in China.

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How My International Fellowship Trained Me

An International Student’s Maturing in China

This is the last in a series of three blog posts based on an interview with “Tim,” an international student from Zimbabwe in China.

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We Use Chinese All the Time

Why Chinese Is a Key Language for Reaching International Students in China

More on reaching international students in China from "Tim," a student from Zimbabwe studying in China.

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My Heart Burns for Them

An International Student’s Passion to Reach Others with the Gospel

An interview with an international student in China.

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ISM in Reverse in China?

We know of “ministry to international students.” But what if international students themselves were the ones sharing with their fellow students, many from unreached cultures? 

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International Students in China–The Road Ahead?

ISM in China is commanded by God, has encouraging historical precedents, and makes sense strategically. So, who will do it?

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International Students in China—an Opportunity?

My Pakistani friend asked, “May I visit your church?” I welcomed him along. He listened to a Bible talk in English, read the Urdu text on my iPhone, and asked me questions in Chinese.

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International Students in China—an Unreached Diaspora?

There are nearly half a million international students in China. Is this an invisible and unreached people group?