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Ovid Wong

Ovid Wong, PhD is an education professor at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. His public education experience spans from the inner-city classroom of Chicago to the suburban office of the assistant superintendent.

He is the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Outstanding Science Teacher in Illinois award; National Science Teacher Association’s National Science Teaching Achievement Recognition (STAR) award; first University of Alberta’s Outstanding Alumni award; first College of Education, University of Illinois (Urban-Champaign) Distinguished alumni award; Benedictine University’s Distinguished Faculty award in research.

He is the author of 35 books. Transforming Self: Body Mind Spirit is his most recent 2021 book published by Linus Learning.

You may follow Ovid on Twitter; his handle is @ovid070575.

Blog Entries

Breaking the Ice for Gospel Conversations

A resource for opening conversations with those who need to hear the good news.

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I Was All Prepared to Share—Or So I Thought!

Being prepared to share what I believe is a vital part of my spiritual wellbeing; here is an important tool for being prepared and knowing when others are prepared to hear.

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Reaching Those Who Aren’t Interested

An approach and an opportunity reaching the Chinese community in America in Chicago and beyond.

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An Encounter with Spirituality in the Dalian Christian Community

Dalian Ambassadors for Christ in--in a park, at a youth fellowship, and on Sunday morning.