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Michael Weis

Michael Weis was born in West Virginia, heard the gospel in upstate New York, and put his faith in Jesus as a young boy. Upon graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree in Technical Theatre, he moved to Florida to work in the entertainment industry and began studying Christian Apologetics, and has taught the Bible for over 20 years.

Around 2000, he began teaching God's word and in 2006, started to serve cross-culturally, first to the Philippines, and then travelled to many other places including Colombia, South America, Taiwan, Israel, and China.

He served in Japan for just over two years, where he met his wife, Pek Kuan, who is from Singapore; they have a two-year-old son.

Michael graduated with a Masters of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, in 2013; he was certified in TESOL through Anaheim University in 2017, and received his Certificate of Jewish Context and Culture from the Israel Bible Center in 2018. He completed his Doctor of Ministry in May 2020. His dissertation revolved around reaching 2nd generation Chinese-Americans for Christ. This included in person training, and video training sessions as an interactive study, which are found on his YouTube page.

Currently, he is a bi-vocational pastor in Central Florida and works full time at a ministry, doing video, social media management and Bible teaching. He also teaches the Bible and serves as a mentor for a Christian research organization and has students from India and South Africa. Dr. Weis is also working with China Partner, recording training sessions for church leaders in China.

Michael's love for Asia and the Chinese people continues to grow as he has served them, both in America and in China. He wants to challenge church leaders to serve the Chinese church (and others of a different culture) in the place where they are, and work together for the glory of God and benefit of everyone.

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Additional Factors for Reaching the 2nd Generation and a Challenge

Principles for reaching second generation Chinese Americans—for parents and churches.

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Developing and Modeling a Biblical Worldview

If we believe God's word is true, we should not shy away from letting second generation youth ask questions. If students are free to ask questions in a safe environment, and are given Biblical answers, their faith will grow.

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What Is the Gospel and Its Implications for Second Generation Chinese Youth

The gospel of grace taught in the home and at church is vital for reaching Chinese American youth.

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Struggles 2nd Generation Chinese Americans Face

All youth face struggles as they grow up but 2nd generation young people have challenges specific to their situation.

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The Importance and Roles of Families and Church Leaders

We must talk about our God in a way that helps them see that he is real in our lives. We cannot pass on what we do not possess.

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Why Reaching 2nd Generation Chinese Americans Is Crucial but Difficult

I learned that there was a great concern for the second and following generations of Chinese Americans, because so many were leaving the church, and not following the faith of their parents. This “silent exodus” has concerned many Chinese church leaders and families for decades and it is still occurring.