Jonathan Li

Jonathan Li is a university professor in Beijing.

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The Postmodern Shift of Chinese Young People

The author looks at the postmodern shift in China as he has observed it and from a very practical point of view. He goes on to give examples of how this shift affects education, employment and daily living within the nation.

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Bible Study Fellowship in Beijing

Where to Go from Here?

BSF materials and methods are being used in China. The author looks at three influential factors for analyzing their appropriateness and value in Chinese society.

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The Missing Goal and the Absence of Freedom


View From the Wall

The Missing Goal and the Absence of Freedom

What does the educational system lack to nurture healthy people and a healthy society?

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After Thirty Years

Jonathan reflects on his father's youth and his own youth as he looks ahead to the future of his infant son.

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Higher Education in China Today

The Scene and the Backdrop

More Chinese young people are attending university than ever before. A look at the current situation in higher education and key contributing factors.

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Everyone Is Not Local

Migrant workers make important contributions to China's cities but also pose tremendous challenges. A resident of Beijing explores how migrants fit in the capital and how Beijingers view them.

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Are We Ready?

A View from Beijing before the Olympics

For the one-year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, two musicians from Hong Kong contributed a song entitled "We Are Ready." The author takes these three words and turns them into a question. Are we ready? And, from that to extract the layers of readiness needed before the Games.