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When Jason Odell first arrived in China five years ago, his discovery of the country's ethnic diversity shocked him.  His piqued interest led him to teach English in a unique region of China for three years.  He, along with his wife, currently live in Southwest China and have started to study a minority language full time.

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A Train Ride through 4 Provinces

A train trip from Lhasa to Chengdu.

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Seeing Trees for the First Time

My good friend and former student's father drove. The dirt road, only forged in the last year or so, made the ride tremendously bumpy and kept travel slow. The road wound through scores of vast, grassy valleys, each curve bringing my wife, me, and our friend to an area that looked so similar to the last we wondered if we were driving in circles.

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Our First 13 Days

If you ever move to a major city in Southwest China to study an obscure language at a Chinese university, perhaps the following insights from our first thirteen days will aid your transition.