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I’Ching Thomas is a Malaysian Chinese whose present sojourn is in Singapore. She’s an aspiring Sinologist who wears three hats: Operation Mobilisation’s International Director of Leadership Development, wife to a New Testament professor, and mom to a middle-schooler. She moonlights as an apologist and a writer in all things related. Her first book Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing: The Gospel for the Cultural Chinese was published in 2018.

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Bamboo in Mist

A Book Review

For those seeking a better understanding of Chinese spirituality, this book provides a collection of insightful snapshots.

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Remembering the Dead

Finding ways as Christians to respect, honor, and remember the departed.

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Christians and Confucians on Human Nature: A Reader Responds

In short, a strong parallel is evident in the many aspects of Confucius’ teachings and the redemptive gospel in addressing the inadequacy of the human condition. However, what has fallen short in Confucius’ solution was his optimism in the very nature of humanity that needs restoration. 

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

After having been the only child for many years, my parents finally brought home a tiny bundle—my very own baby sibling. While many would celebrate the arrival of another member to the family, that special day was instead laced with disappointment for my father. I found out much later that my mother went into labor before my father got to the hospital. When he finally arrived, he took a look at the baby, uttered in dismay, “Another girl,” and walked off.