Chris Gabriel

Chris Gabriel is a dedicated networker and strategist deeply committed to serving God's people, especially those in the least reached regions. Over the past 25 years, he and his wife have tirelessly worked in Asia, empowering communities in various creative access areas. Today, their six grandchildren are doing their best to lure him away from Asia, adding a touch of delightful chaos to his mission.

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God Continues to Speak Tibetan

Throughout the work of the NTB, the Holy Spirit showed up time and time again by giving the translators “lexical surprises.” God gave words to express the Bible message, surprising words that were embedded in the language and waiting for discovery by the translators.

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Challenged by Different Ways of Seeing, Part 2

Understanding believers with fear culture backgrounds—a story.

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Challenged by Different Ways of Seeing

Why we need to understand shame, fear, and guilt cultures.