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BJ Arthur (pseudonym) has lived in China for many years and was in Beijing in June 1989.

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When Meridians Guide Needles Not Ships

All that the layman could ever want to know about the historical development and philosophical roots of both Chinese and Western medicine in a condensed and readable form: that is Dr. Pak-Wah Lai’s gift to the readers of The Dao of Healing

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Sinicization: China Only for the Chinese

Sinicization attempts to close the Chinese mind to all that is not CCP-approved and to once again shut the window on the world.

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Great Books of China

A Book Review

In this anthology of sixty-six works, Frances Wood provides a succinct but rich overview of the “doings” of the oldest continuous civilization on earth.

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Frog—a Book Review

Read Frog with care, pray for those seeking Truth in a troubled, chaotic culture, and celebrate Mo Yan’s genius.