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Barbara Kindschi

Barbara Kindschi has been privileged and challenged to teach English in China, Myanmar, Laos, and beginning this year, Mongolia. Her classes have been filled with undergrads, professors, accountants, hotel employees, monks, government workers and beauty pageant contestants. They continue to be both her students and teachers.



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Why Not Shout Together?

The Joy of the Resurrection

“He’s the Lamb! They always killed a lamb at that time! He died at that time. He’s the Lamb that died—but he came back to life!”

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I Wish They Knew

A university teacher in China answers the question, "Do you have a list of things you wish foreigners knew when they came to your campus?”

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Cancel Christmas?

Merry Christmas! May you be filled with the joy of Jesus’ birth; the news that cannot be canceled.

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No Language Requirement

China has offered me the most experiences for worshiping outside of my culture and this morning my mind wandered back to my first Sunday morning there.

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Now We Know

The shared experience of sharing space. 

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Unwrap the Gift

A Thanksgiving letter.

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Did You Do Your Homework?

In the midst of all the required teacher feedback and correction, there are thought-provoking surprises; those reminders that there’s always so much more going on than pronunciation or grammar.

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Same but Different

Teaching in China—the first day of the new semester.

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A Faith without Borders

To a Japanese professor with Chinese scholars, a Chinese businesswoman with a German officemate, a teacher’s aide, a group of musicians, a retired neighbor and so many others, “Thank you, for helping me have a faith without borders.”

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Faith. Hope. Love.

For many years I had a scroll hanging on my wall with the Chinese characters for faith, hope, and love. If the Biblical admonition to be salt and light includes our home decorations, well, this little piece of parchment was salty indeed.