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In an Ever-Changing China, Some Things Haven’t Changed

As ChinaSource celebrates 20 years of service we are digging into our archives for articles chronicling the myriad far-reaching changes in China during the past two decades.

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Demographics Beyond Numbers

This first set of demographics helps us see who is in the churches we visited and who is responding to the survey.

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Why Chinese Become Christians

3 Additional Factors

Who and what most influenced Chinese believers to follow Christ?

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Developing and Modeling a Biblical Worldview

If we believe God's word is true, we should not shy away from letting second generation youth ask questions. If students are free to ask questions in a safe environment, and are given Biblical answers, their faith will grow.

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Unanswered Questions

We know the church in China has grown, but what has influenced individuals to place their trust in Christ?

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National Religion Surveys of China

What do two nationwide studies tell us about the growth of the church in China?

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Denominationalism—A Double-edged Sword

The author alerts us to the dangers that denominationalism can bring, especially with a new generation of educated, urban Christians who desire to pursue godliness.

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Returning Home-side

The Path Unintended

Today I can whole-heartedly say that whatever seeds, words, or love I gave in China are not wasted.

Chinese Church Voices

How to Minister to Seniors (2)

The journal ChurchChina published an article earlier this summer on how Chinese Christians can care for and minister to the increasing senior population in China. Last week we published part one of a translation of that article in which the author describes her ministry to the elderly in a senior center. This week we publish part two which includes […]

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Hand-in-Hand, Carving a New Imprint

With the recent influx of Chinese to Africa, how can the church stand in the gap and bring to these immigrants the gospel that will ultimately result in their reconciliation, not only with God but also with the Africans?