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House Churches and Anti-cult Campaigns

Last week five members of the Almighty God cult (formerly known as Eastern Lightning went on trial for brutally murdering a woman in a MacDonalds restaurant in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province. The murder shocked the nation and prompted the government to launch a nationwide crackdown on illegal cults, or xie jiao (lit. evil religion).

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5 Thoughts on How the Church Grows

Within Chinese culture and society and within the Chinese church, an individual deciding to be baptized makes an important st atement. We often hear of individuals who say they believe but are unwilling to be baptized. Some of the reasons stem from not feeling “good enough.” There is often family or social pressure—it is […]

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In-Person vs Online Church Gatherings (2)

Pastor Zhong encourages Christians to take advantage of the stay-at-home time to “practice readiness” for future outreach and ministry.

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Four Decades of Church Growth in China

Looking beyond the numbers to understand the factors that contributed to the unprecedented growth of the church in China.

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Multiplying Healthy Churches in the Cities of China

It is estimated that by 2015 half of all China’s people will live in the cities. What are the effects of urbanization on the church in China?

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Being a Western Christian in the Global Church, Part 3

How You Can Serve the Chinese Church

As Christians from the west we must stop thinking in terms of “the west and the rest” and embrace our identity as equal members of the world church, no more special or privileged than any of our sisters and brothers. 


Witnessing Christ through Ethical Leadership

The guest editors' point of view. 

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Articles to Read and Re-read

Key articles that have been published previously in the ChinaSource Quarterly, that treat current issues which will continue to be relevant in the future, are listed within the category to which they pertain. Also included is one full-length article dealing with change.

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Demographics Beyond Numbers (2)

This set of demographics helps us understand the spiritual backgrounds of believers in China and their reasons for believing.

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A Mother Grows in Faith

The story of the heartbreaking challenges that a mother faced after she left her job as a department director to care for her family full time and how God has worked to bring about spiritual growth, comforting and supporting the entire family.