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A Foot Wide on the Edge of Nowhere

A Book Review

The story of Olive and Theo Simpkin.

Chinese Church Voices

Those Who Have Served Faithfully

In the Nujiang Valley, Yunnan

Some of the stories and faces of those brought the gospel to remote areas of China.

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China’s Churches Reaching China’s Ethnic Minorities, Part 2

Stories of Chinese Christians reaching minority groups in China.

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Worship in the Mountains of Yunnan

A Video

Singing hymns and the testimony of a church leader. 

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Dwarves Kingdom

A Film Review

A documentary exploring the lives of some of China's "little people" living and working at a theme park in Yunnan. 

Chinese Church Voices

Lessons from the Life of Samuel Pollard

It is easy for the church to lose sight of her purpose in the face of today’s challenges. During a recent commemoration of Samuel Pollard, a missionary whose life dramatically impacted large pockets of southern Yunnan, Pastor Gai of Kunming preached on the nature of the church and the calling we must not lose sight of.

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Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics

Two takes on business as mission from a Chinese perspective.

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A Church Celebrates 80 Years

On May 28, the Gospel Times reported on the 80th anniversary celebrations of a church in Yunnan Province. The church’s history is an interesting window into the denominational twists and turns (some might say confusion) that were often a part of church growth and development in China.

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Living Conditions of Rural Preachers

The Mainland site Gospel Times recently published an article about the poor living conditions of preachers in the countryside. The article contains stories and photos of preachers in three different counties in southwest China. Below is a translation of one of those stories. The article is set within the context of the Sanjiang Church, an unusually expensive and ornate church in Wenzhou that was demolished last month.

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Caring for Leukemia Patients

Christians from a church in Shanghai minister to leukemia patients.