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The 2023 Regulations for Religious Activity Site Registration

What the Party Doesn’t Want You to Know

Under Xi…steps toward liberalization have ended and even reversed…. Xi has removed term limits on his rule, called upon the media to serve the party, arrested outspoken lawyers and feminists, and renewed pressure on house and official churches; all sectors…have fallen under the CCP’s oversight and control.

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The Mountains Are Shorter, Part 2

Mountains today no longer symbolize separation, but rather strength, as suggested by another phrase, tieda de Jiangshan (铁打的江山). Literally meaning “rivers and mountains forged in iron,” it is commonly translated “iron-clad country,” a fitting description of the seemingly unshakeable state power being exerted throughout Xi’s China.

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Chinese Christians in the New Era—Hope and Overcoming

The winter 2022 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly offers perspectives like a plane dropping from thirty thousand feet to ground level, as they shift from high-level and mildly optimistic…to close up, personal, and much more pessimistic. Together, they offer helpful insight on what’s happening in China after ten years of…political leadership by Xi Jinping.

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A Decade of Change and Future Prospects

Bryant outlines the four areas in which China has most changed over the past decade. He discusses what these involve and their significance for the church in China.

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Reading Tea Leaves from the 2021 National Religious Work Conference

What can we learn from the recent conference on religious work? A comparison with the 2018 conference helps tease out key points.

Chinese Church Voices

Flying the Flag

Official religious groups propose the national flag be displayed at places used for religious activities.