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10 Quotes about China’s Rise and the Church

from Brent Fulton’s article about the rising influence of China and its impact on the Western church.

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A Free Resource

"Gospel in Life"

Our friends at the International Outreach department of The Gospel Coalition (TGC) are offering a free resource to those serving in China—Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life, in simplified Chinese. 

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A Message from the Church in China

Does the Christian church require a sympathetic national government to thrive?

The Lantern

Out and about with ChinaSource

In addition to our online publications that provide information about the church in China, ChinaSource team members also engage with the Christian community through attending and/or speaking at various events. We’d like to highlight a few of the recent events we had the privilege of being a part of.

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The Safety Belt of China

Last week I attended The Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando, FL.

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ChinaSource at The Gospel Coalition Conference

Two years ago I had the privilege of leading a workshop on the church in China at The Gospel Coalition National Conference in Orlando.