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Chinese Church Voices

A Young Man’s Testimony

My Enemy, My Father

The story of young man, homeless in Beijing, and how God changed his life through the ministry of a church.

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An Encounter with Spirituality in the Dalian Christian Community

Dalian Ambassadors for Christ in--in a park, at a youth fellowship, and on Sunday morning.

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I Met Love during the Pandemic

Love is so beautiful that it can cover the ugliness that arose from the sweep of the virus. May the Lord continue to help us grow in love during this season

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As Many as the Stars

A Book Review

Robert Glover’s engaging memoir of how he and his family children came to China from the UK and created the charity Care for Children.

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Why Not Shout Together?

The Joy of the Resurrection

“He’s the Lamb! They always killed a lamb at that time! He died at that time. He’s the Lamb that died—but he came back to life!”

Chinese Church Voices

Bread of Life Bakery

Four young Christian women with physical disabilities share how they run the Bread of Life Bakery.

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The Heart of a Single Servant

Hearing from the heart of a young, single, Christian woman ministering in China.

Chinese Church Voices

Rebirth in the Barracks

With no status, no money, no power, and compromised health, he longed for death. In that moment, God intervened to give new life.

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Reflections on Returning “Home”

As I reflect on the past year and a half, I thank the Lord for his kindness, faithfulness, and wisdom. It makes me worship him more fully. I need him. We need him. He gives us eternal hope.

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The Testimony of an 80后

During the baptism class, I felt the Spirit of God convicting me that I needed to become a true follower of Jesus. After that, I was baptized.