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Bamboo in Mist

A Book Review

For those seeking a better understanding of Chinese spirituality, this book provides a collection of insightful snapshots.

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Dangers, Pitfalls, Connection, and Hope During Transition

This is not where you want to be. This is not where you thought you’d be. This was not your plan.

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3 Questions: Hannah Lau

A ChinaSource 3 Questions interview with Hannah Lau, a non-profit marketing consultant and the author of Wherever You Go: A Conversation about Life, Faith, and Courage

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Beyond Theological Education

Advances in theological education over the past 35 years have gone a long way toward satisfying the church’s still urgent need for trained leaders. It is increasingly common, especially in China’s cities, to find pastors who have received formal graduate-level theological training, including many who have studied overseas. But is that enough?

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3 Questions: Spiritual Formation in China

In the final segment of the “Walking with Leaders” series on ChinaSource Conversations, our monthly podcast, we looked at the spiritual formation of leaders. One of our guests was John, an expat and trained coach whose14 years of service in Asia have included facilitating retreats and leading people through creative spiritual exercises.

Here John shares his thoughts on spiritual formation among Christian leaders in China.

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The Spiritual Discipline of Perseverance

It is a very tricky thing to assess when it is time to leave a particular field of service or line of ministry.