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Towards the Mobilization of Chinese Cross-Cultural Workers

The indigenous missions movement from China to the unreached, whether within the country of China or beyond its borders, has been a topic of discussion for ChinaSource for many years. A quick look at the topic “Indigenous Missions” on our website will take you to several issues of the ChinaSource Quarterly and to many posts on the ChinaSource Blog, the earliest being in 2006 (“Training Cross-Cultural Workers in China”).

While not the most recent entry, the 2022 autumn issue of ChinaSource Quarterly took a long look at the need for member care and the challenges to providing that care for workers sent out from China.

We are happy to add to the collection of articles and posts related to sending and caring for Chinese missionaries with the addition of a research paper to our ResearchShare section of the website. ChinaSource Blog contributor and doctoral student Qiao Liang 良巧 (pseudonym) has written a paper on calling, vocation, and spiritual formation as it relates to Chinese Christians in mission service and the churches that send them.

Visit the ResearchShare section of the website to find a downloadable PDF of “Calling, Vocation, and Spiritual Formation for Chinese Mission.”

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Image credit: Oleksii Ivashentsev on Unsplash.
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