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The Wenchuan Earthquake—10 Years Later

On May 12, 2008, the ground began to shake in Sichuan Province. By the time it stopped, nearly 100,000 people had lost their lives.

Chinese Church Voices

What Not to Say When Disaster Strikes

How should Christians respond when others face disaster? What should they say? What shouldn't they say?

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Thanksgiving in Chengdu

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a food tale from Chengdu! 

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The Church on Gospel Road

Spring had come to Chengdu City, so a Chinese friend and I decided to go into the countryside to enjoy the flowers. After a lovely stroll among the canola flowers and a delicious lunch, we went to visit a nearby church where we know the folks. Their church, has an interesting story, somewhat in contrast with the stories that often reach the news about the church in China.

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You may have heard that Chongqing is China’s largest city by population (approximately 30 million), but as is the case with many things in China, “nothing is as it seems.”