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A Watershed Moment for Global Chinese Christianity

A Reader's Response to the 2024 Spring CSQ

Given that the small community of the Chinese diaspora and the East Asian societies and Western societies that host it are all facing crises and challenges brought about by various changes, the ministry work done by churches in this context can provide a powerful witness, allowing the grace experienced by this small community to bless the much larger Chinese and Western populations in which it is embedded.

Chinese Church Voices

Homeward Bound: A Christian’s Return to China

Three months ago, I returned to China, and upon returning, I found the situation more urgent and needed than I imagined. From a spiritual perspective, China is like a dried-up pond, and I hope more people will come to serve in China, as it urgently needs your help. I am waiting for your arrival here.

Chinese Church Voices

A Beijing Pastor Reflects on Running, Staying, and Returning

Ultimately, all instances of running, staying, and returning are in God's hands. It's crucial to understand God's will, have a clear heavenly vision, and discern the mysteries behind our circumstances. Whether we choose running, staying, or returning, we should choose the path of death on the cross.