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Top Christian News Stories in China in 2014 (# 6-10)‬

Last week we posted part one of a translated article “Top Ten Christian News Stories in China in 2014”, highlighting stories #1-5. This week, we are posting the translation of the second half of the original article (from The Christian Times), with items #6-10: The Almighty God cult murders, the rise of ISIS and persecution of Christians worldwide, the government’s moves towards establishing rule of law for religion, a European Chinese church revival meeting, and a popular Christian singer.

Chinese Church Voices

God Has Not Forgotten England and Europe

While many in the west are concerned about the condition of the church in China, Christians in China are often concerned about the state of the church in the west. In this article, published in the Christian Times, a pastor expresses his confidence that the church in England and Europe will once again experience revival.