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Formed by Our Narratives

These narratives can also have a distorting effect upon those who employ them, for our China stories speak to more than simply what we think about China; they also reveal what we desire.

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Seeking Shalom in a Hostile Environment

Frameworks for Discussion

Learning to think biblically in responding to challenging and changing times.

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Seeing Things Differently

In proposing that we need to get beyond the “persecuted church” narrative, I am not advocating . . . that we leave it behind completely, but rather that we recognize its limits.

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Persecution: A Dangerous Opportunity for the Church in China?

Can the current persecution be an opportunity as well as a danger to the church in China? I think we should be confident at this point to say “yes.” This happened in biblical times, and is happening to the church in China of the 21st century, too.

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A Song for the Year

As we get ready to start a new year, listen to this song in German or English so you can understand its message. Then, even if you do not understand Chinese, listen to the Chinese version. Listen as Chinese Christians sing about their faith and trust in God who will be with them at night, in the morning and on every future day.

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Persecution and Sinicization in China

A Reading Round-up

Knowing what's happening and understanding the context. 

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Sorting Rumor from Fact?

Look for the Red Chop

Distinguishing facts from rumors is never an easy endeavor, but it is even more difficult in China, where official information is often lacking.

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A Look in the Mirror

Research and the Indigenous Church

How are Chinese researchers approaching the complex issues facing the Chinese church?

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Christians United For China

A call to prayer for the church in China.