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Make Me a Blessing in the Tension

Being a Blessing in a Hostile Environment

The story of Daniel has great implications for us as we face our own upcoming social changes.

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A New Phase of Christianity in Hong Kong

A New Phase in Hong Kong Part 2

Understanding and preparing for the new phase Hong Kong may soon be facing.

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Religious Regulations and the Cross

Believers in the West have much to learn about suffering from our brothers and sisters in China. 

Chinese Church Voices

New Religious Regulations: Another View

Why the new regulations are necessary and why they contribute to the development of China.

Chinese Church Voices

Why Christians in China Must Prepare Themselves for the New Regulations on Religious Affairs

As a Chinese house church pastor who has studied church-state relations and followed religious legislation for a long time, I have the following five views toward these new regulations. Wang Yi

View From the Wall

Is Persecution Worsening?

Perspectives on the Changing Religious Policy Environment in China

Is persecution in China increasing? Two house church leaders, one who was imprisoned in a labor camp for a few years, and the other who is a Chinese scholar with strengths in theological education and the history of the Chinese church, give their viewpoints on this topic.

Chinese Church Voices

How American Christians are Responding to Pluralism

The online publication Territory recently published a piece titled “In a Pluralistic Society, How are we to deal with those who hate the church?” Writing to an audience of Chinese Christians, the author presents the current religious landscape in the United States, particularly as it relates to issues such as so-called same-sex marriage and religious liberty. It’s a good reminder to Chinese believers that, even in a land known for religious liberty, there are (growing) tension points between the church and society, and that Christians need to be prayerful and wise in managing these tensions and divisions so as not to further alienate people from the church and the gospel.

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Does China’s Constitution Guarantee Freedom of Religion?

For the outside observer seeking to make sense of China’s religious policy, the Chinese Constitution presents quite a conundrum.

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A Look at Religious Freedom in China

On October 1, the Cornerstone Blog of The Religious Freedom Project at The Berkeley Center published two helpful posts on religious liberty in China.

Book Reviews

Closing a Perception/Reality Gap

A Book Review

Religious Freedom in China: Policy, Administration, and Regulation; A Research Handbook by Kim-kwong Chan and Eric R. Carlson
Reviewed by Brent Fulton

This volume provides reliable information about religious policy and its implementation in China.