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Messy Choices in Messy Situations

When facing situations in which right and wrong choices are not quite so black and white, we need each other more than ever to discern the right path to take. In supporting each other, I believe we should also give each other the benefit of the doubt more often than not.

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Interfaith Dialogue in a Chinese Village

A few years ago when we were living in China, I “accidentally” ended up having an interfaith discussion with two imams which was actually very helpful. Here’s the story of one of those discussions.

ChinaSource Perspective

Praying for Church Leaders in China

Chinese pastors and ministers are often under tremendous pressure—from the state, their congregations, and family issues. While believers in the global church cannot be physically present in China, we can support these workers through intercessory prayer.

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Poetry as Doxology

"Where Are You Going"

Poetry is not only a form of cultural exegesis, but also a mode of common theology enriching conversations and reflections. When poetry is spiritually impregnated, it becomes a form of doxology, which I regard as the ground of all theology and missiology.

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Happy New Year—2023!

As we begin the new year, let’s lift our eyes to the God of the nations and together worship him. And pray . . .

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The Lord’s Prayer

At least in the denominational circles that I am a part of, saying the Lord’s Prayer together seems to have fallen by the wayside. I have no idea why, and I have found myself recently wishing that we recited it more.

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Breakthrough: James O. Fraser

With everything going on in the world, Christians in China are facing increasingly complicated circumstances, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for outsiders to connect with the Chinese church. But Fraser’s life reminds us that engaging in prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do. . . . wherever we might live in the world.

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The Princess Bride and Ramadan

If you’ve ever read or seen The Princess Bride, there’s a character who responds to every assertion the other characters make with “Inconceivable!” And this is just how my Muslim friend responded the other day. She said, 不可 思议 which my Chinese dictionary translated as “Inconceivable!”

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Christians Pray following the China Eastern Airlines Crash

In response to last week’s tragic loss of life, Christians in China are praying. One noted, “. . . believers, they pray for peace in Ukraine, for the domestic epidemic, and now they are praying for the plane crash. These are painful things, just like the recent weather, shrouded in gloom.”

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5 Prayer Resources for China

There is much to pray about when it comes to China and churches in China, but sometimes it’s hard to know specifically how to prayer. These resources will help.