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Connecting with Chinese International Students

A Book Review

A helpful, comprehensive introduction to today’s Chinese international students and how to share the gospel with cultural wisdom.

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Additional Factors for Reaching the 2nd Generation and a Challenge

Principles for reaching second generation Chinese Americans—for parents and churches.

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3 Questions: Far East Deep South

An Interview with Director Larissa Lam

"Chinese people in Mississippi? What happened there?"

Chinese Church Voices

Developing a Returnee Ministry from Overseas

Why returnees need ministry from their "home" churches abroad and how it can be done.

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A Tea House Ministry in Chicago

Something about tea in little cups encourages people to open up and reveal their hearts.

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A Key Way that Christians around the World Can Contribute to Gospel Growth in China


Have you considered that the Chinese student you are connecting with may one day be a person of influence in China?

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Go back to China

A Film Review

Would you go back to China for a million bucks? 

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A Film Review

What happens when you take wealthy urban high school students and drop them down in a small town in Maine?

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Key Issues Impacting Returnees

Pre-return Preparation

Pre-return preparation—a key for assimilating returnee believers back into their families, churches, and society.