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Chinese Migrants in the Americas

At the Intersection of Resilience, Marginalization, and Hope

For all those who are of mixed-race descent and are looking to find threads of meaning in this conflictual experience, this account not only demonstrates what can be possible at the edges of luck, community, and political agency—but also the horrors of what can take place when monocultural and supremacist ideologies are enacted thus preventing the co-creation of communities of belonging for all.

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Yes, You Can Impact the People of China

Earlier this summer we posted an article, “Can My Church and I Really Impact the People of China?” The answer to that question, both from the article itself and from my experience, is a resounding yes.

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Loving China from Overseas

Promoting Revival and Transformation

Chinese pastors in New Zealand realized that a new season was coming and for this reason, they all shared the vision of New Zealand standing up and praying for New Zealand, for other countries, and especially for China.

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Can My Church and I Really Impact the People of China?

If there’s a university or college nearby, has your church seized this opportunity?

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My Life in Christ

There was a wooden cross on the wall of my room. When I looked up to see it, I knew I was a sinner who needed the salvation of Jesus Christ. He died for sinners just like me.

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Connecting with Chinese International Students

A Book Review

A helpful, comprehensive introduction to today’s Chinese international students and how to share the gospel with cultural wisdom.

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Additional Factors for Reaching the 2nd Generation and a Challenge

Principles for reaching second generation Chinese Americans—for parents and churches.

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3 Questions: Far East Deep South

An Interview with Director Larissa Lam

"Chinese people in Mississippi? What happened there?"

Chinese Church Voices

Developing a Returnee Ministry from Overseas

Why returnees need ministry from their "home" churches abroad and how it can be done.

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A Tea House Ministry in Chicago

Something about tea in little cups encourages people to open up and reveal their hearts.