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The Global Chinese Diaspora Today

Overview and Mission Trends

Our Lord is the lord of history, and everything happens according to his plan. The recent political developments in and related to China have impacted the movement and dynamics of the global Chinese diaspora. They have closed some doors for mission while opening others.

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Belt and Road Initiative

A Reading Round-up

Following the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing last week, here are resources to provide background and context. 

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Following the Belt and Road

Mention China’s emerging missions movement, and the topic of China’s Belt and Road Initiative will almost surely follow. 

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Cities on the Silk Road

A look at the cities of the ancient Silk Road today—the cities of the "One Belt, One Road initiative.

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China in Africa: Clues to the Future of “Belt and Road?”

Chinese engagement in Africa to date may provide some clues as to how China will impact the "belt and road" nations in the future.

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One Belt, One Road, One Mission?

Current presentations and discussions about China’s emerging cross-cultural mission movement often make reference to “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR), the Chinese government’s push to develop infrastructure and industry along China’s former silk route.