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Chinese Christianity and the Missio Dei

A Response to “When the ‘Golden Age’ Is Over”

As mission in China goes through changing circumstances, it is important to remember that the growth of the Chinese church is primarily the missio dei (mission of God) rather than our mission.

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When Your Mission Hopes Are Blocked

Finding Plan B

Let’s pray that the Belt and Road Initiative and the wide diaspora of Chinese throughout the world, including the West, will be an expansion of opportunity to reach them, since the restrictions in China have become so limiting.


New Directions in the New Era

From the desk of the guest editor.

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New Era and New Roles

Changes and Issues for Chinese Ministries in a New Context

Changes in China over the past ten years are dictating changes for the church in China. Kim reviews the main areas of change and the ways these have affected the churches. Then he looks at new roles for both workers from overseas and China’s churches.

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Who Moved My Church?

The key to the Western church’s ongoing effectiveness may well be its ability to learn from majority world believers, many of whom have experience in living out their faith in the face of political and cultural restrictions.

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The Paradigm Shifts as the Pendulum Swings

A Reader Responds to “When the ‘Golden Age’ Is Over”

Preventing infiltration through preaching, seen as a national security concern, has become a valid reason for prohibiting foreign missions whenever the pendulum swings towards the restrictive side…. I propose revisiting the concept of missions in order to find a breakthrough.

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Missiological Reflections on Money

Questions of money—supporting Chinese Christian workers, paying local assistants, giving gifts to “needy” Chinese—return like revolving doors as often as new expat Christians arrive in China.

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Where to Work in the Diaspora?

Mission-sending organizations have limited personnel and resources to invest. How should they make good decisions?

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Blessing Asia

From Bible exposition to K-pop worship, through seminars and workshops, Asia 2022 Congress participants were encouraged by the stories of what God is doing in countries all over Asia.

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Why Denominations?

Responding to “When the 'Golden Age' Is Over”

An experienced cross-cultural worker discusses the issue of Christian denominations in China, in light of questions raised in the recent post, “When the Golden Age Is Over.” He argues that denominations can help churches unify and work together to further the spread of the gospel throughout China.