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Next Generation Missions

Indigitous Serve

Indigitous Serve cohorts help young adults find their place in global missions. The virtual program mobilizes people to collaborate and lowers barriers to get involved.

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Students Joining in God’s Global Mission

Opportunities and Challenges

The author gives examples of students who became involved with missions and how this occurred; she looks at mission mobilization events and considers some of the challenges faced as students move into cross-cultural situations to present the gospel.

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Passing the Faith to the Next Generation

Reaching American-Born/Second-Generation Chinese

Key issues for Chinese American Churches.


7 Trends Impacting Foreign Christians in China

The traditional roles of foreign Christians in China are changing. Foreign believers have traditionally served in one of two ways. They have sought to witness for Christ, or they have served the indigenous church directly, primarily in the field of training. Today the maturing of the church, are giving rise to new modes of engagement. 

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From Leading to Modeling

The second article in a series by Brent Fulton exploring seven trends that are impacting the way foreign Christians can effectively serve in China.

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From Training to Mentoring

A new series from Brent Fulton exploring seven trends that are impacting the way foreign Christians can effectively serve in China.

The Lantern

Talking about China

If you haven’t yet sampled our regular podcast, ChinaSource Conversations, I’d like to invite you to take a moment to listen. Each episode features engaging discussions with guests who are involved in a particular aspect of China service or who are writing about pertinent issues affecting China and its church. I’ve personally enjoyed sitting down with several of these colleagues and hearing their insights on the things they’re passionate about. We’ve captured these conversations so you can get a taste of what’s happening in the parts of China where they serve.

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Beyond Theological Education

Advances in theological education over the past 35 years have gone a long way toward satisfying the church’s still urgent need for trained leaders. It is increasingly common, especially in China’s cities, to find pastors who have received formal graduate-level theological training, including many who have studied overseas. But is that enough?

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3 Questions: Spiritual Formation in China

In the final segment of the “Walking with Leaders” series on ChinaSource Conversations, our monthly podcast, we looked at the spiritual formation of leaders. One of our guests was John, an expat and trained coach whose14 years of service in Asia have included facilitating retreats and leading people through creative spiritual exercises.

Here John shares his thoughts on spiritual formation among Christian leaders in China.

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3 Questions: Mentoring Chinese Leaders

A ChinaSource "3 Questions" interview based on the "Walking with Leaders" podcast series.