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Why Do Chinese Come to Faith?

An Infographic from InterVarsity International Student Ministry

Data regarding church growth in China repurposed for campus ministry among Chinese international students.

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Novel Gospel Opportunities

How One International Church in China Is Maximizing New Gospel Opportunities

What happens when the church is being the church.

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A Tea House Ministry in Chicago

Something about tea in little cups encourages people to open up and reveal their hearts.

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A Key Way that Christians around the World Can Contribute to Gospel Growth in China


Have you considered that the Chinese student you are connecting with may one day be a person of influence in China?

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Heading Home with Jesus

A Book Recommendation

A book for those reaching out to Chinese students and scholars with the gospel.

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Spanning the Gap for Returnees

Is your outreach to internationals causing students to get lost in the gap as they return to their home? Consider how to serve them better through partnership. 

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The Birth of ISM in China

Is This God’s Timing?

The nations are coming to China and what an opportunity to reach them with the gospel while in China.

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How My International Fellowship Trained Me

An International Student’s Maturing in China

This is the last in a series of three blog posts based on an interview with “Tim,” an international student from Zimbabwe in China.

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We Use Chinese All the Time

Why Chinese Is a Key Language for Reaching International Students in China

More on reaching international students in China from "Tim," a student from Zimbabwe studying in China.

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International Student Ministry in China—A New eBook

International students are no longer only going to the West to study; they are increasingly going to China. There are profound implications for this trend, not only for global international student ministry groups, but for the Chinese church as well.