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Chinese Church Voices

Learning from a Grain of Wheat

A Chinese Christian serving overseas shares her experiences of learning to look to God and depending on him when faced with cultural and spiritual challenges.

Chinese Church Voices

Those Who Have Served Faithfully

In the Nujiang Valley, Yunnan

Some of the stories and faces of those brought the gospel to remote areas of China.

Chinese Church Voices

The Chinese Church Prepares for Missions

Experienced missions workers talk about challenges and opportunities for the Chinese church. 

Chinese Church Voices

Top Christian News Stories in China in 2015

What were the stories that generated the most buzz among Christians in China in 2015? The editors at Christian Times have identified the top Christian news stories in China for the past year. The following translation of the original article has been posted to China Christian Daily. It’s a good reminder of the discrepancy between what many in the West think must be “top of mind” for Christians in China and what actually is.