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From Andrew Gih to Hudson

Documenting a Legacy of Adoption and Faith

It was a wonderful testimony of God’s blessing to discover that Hudson’s documentary is helping to fulfill the legacy of Andrew Gih. After watching the documentary, you might want to get an update on Hudson.

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Filling the Need to Care for Workers

Training Member Care Providers for Chinese Missionaries

We believe that member care is an integral part of missions sending and we want to see Chinese senders better equipped in this area… The sent and the senders will fulfill the Great Commission together.

Chinese Church Voices

Rising Strong

A Journey of Faith and Growth Amidst the Pandemic

As a result of the happiness group, our church experienced significant growth, even doubling in size. Witnessing God’s work among us during the pandemic, we went on to establish our own missionary society in X Province, dispatched a small group of individuals.

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Instrumentalizing the Church in China

In the polarized political landscape, China garners near-universal disapproval. The instrumentalization of China's church distorts reality for political gain, linking it with domestic religious freedom issues. Genuine dialogue is needed to address complex concerns and avoid silencing Chinese Christian voices.

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Arise Asia: Inspiring the Next Generation

Please join us in praying for this burgeoning missions movement from Asia and for the many conference participants who made commitments to give their lives for the kingdom.

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The Chinese Church Does Missions (2) Beyond China

ChinaSource Summer School Session 5

For the fifth and last session of summer school, we’re following Chinese cross-cultural workers as they seek to fulfill the great commission. We’re also sitting at the feet of several missiologists as they discuss and debate the challenges facing the Chinese church as it sends its people out.

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The Chinese Church Does Missions (1) Within China

ChinaSource Summer School Session 4

Chinese Christians have been active in evangelizing their neighbors and fellow citizens, including ethnic minorities, for decades. In this fourth session of ChinaSource Summer School, we have rounded up a collection of articles, including case studies, theological meditations, and missiological analysis.

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New Opportunities as the Narrative Changes

These new opportunities are a great way to gather regularly to pray for China, to pray and ask our Father to show us what he has for the future [and] be a part of forming the new narrative for Chinese missions.

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Chinese Mission at the Crossroads

Now as China’s church reengages in mission, the question of how the gospel will be conveyed cross culturally and what kind of churches will result is central to the long-term success of the Chinese mission movement.

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A Missed Opportunity

How Our Questions Shape Our Narratives

Through his testimony, many became acquainted with China’s suffering church. His story was one that needed to be shared, and by God’s grace it became a great source of encouragement to those who heard it. . . . There is another story, however, that could have been told if anyone had thought to ask.